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Cocteau twins persephone, I'd like seeking somebody that loves tradition Cocteau twins persephone

For a word guy like me, it is really frustrating when I don't know the lyrics to a song.

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Lyrics Artists add. Persephone Cocteau Twins 9 Comments 0 Tags.

Hey, the chances I must waste Hey, ever dirt even there Cocteau twins persephone got a car Here's what it takes [Repeat x4] Paper chase is on These are on my speed For he warbled Bought arachnophobe On the tiara, by the gin's rack Paper chase is on These are on my space Paper chase is on hey, the chances Harvest festival at church must face These are on my speed Oh, you warbler For he warbled hey, that's by the car Bought arachnophobe On the tiara By the gin's rack Paper chase is on These are on my space I watch him trail [Repeat x4] Hey, for eight means paper chase Paper warm beings means the paper chase For our time being's for our time being's never changes this Never changes this [Repeat x2] Here's what it takes [Repeat x6] Paper warm beings means the paper chase here's what it takes For our time being's never changes this [Repeat x3] Here's what it takes Hey, for eight means paper chase For our time being's never changes this [Repeat x2] Edit Lyrics.

Persephone song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 9 Comments.

General Comment yes, the whole point the Cocteau Twins make with their lyrics is that they use words just as fillers No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment In my book it's almost certainly "For a timepiece never changes this" -- it's about the only truly clear Xxx odessa tx singles on the whole album, although even then I thought it was " For "paper warm beings"! I've always heard "paper windings" which makes a tiny bit more sense, makes me Adult wants casual sex UT Roy 84067 of trails of paper from the aforementioned paperchase wound round trees, bushes, etc.

Wouldn't bet I'm right though. Finally, I've never been Cocteau twins persephone to make up my mind whether it's "Here's what it takes" or "Here's what it says". May even be both, at different times. AmbientSheep on March 29, Link. AmbientSheep Here's what it says. Liz is referring to the paper chase she knows so well. If you want to know what all that paper says, she knows.

She's literally telling you what it is says. But the really cool part is why she called it Persephone.

General Comment Fucking hell, I can't believe no one has commented on this song. Well with anything concerning Cocteau Twins' lyrics there might not be a way out most of the time, but still! This song is simply amazing. I can't be alone on this now can I General Comment I've always heard "for a Top brazzers girls never changes face" instead of "For our time being's Yo mamas so stupid jokes changes this" tidalfingers on July 22, Link.

General Comment No, you are not.

Cocteau twins - persephone lyrics

General Comment ok, this song is amazing Not so, I'm afraid. Liz DID have a Nippon av girls book. It's been mentioned a few times over the years, in particular I remember a interview with Simon Raymonde in the booklet that accompanied a WOMAD album, in which she said she had such a book and he'd read some of her lyrics.

Sex contacts free new Twin Oaks, somewhere on Youtube, there's a recent-ish interview with Liz in which she re out the words to a song on Victorialand in her normal speaking voice. They don't make any sense in English, but they're definitely words AmbientSheep on March 29, General Comment Does anyone know how the Cocteau Twins wrote their lyrics?

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Do they mean anything? I just can't imagine the creative process behind them. It's like they're plucked out of nowhere. Depends on the album. The first two albums definitely have proper lyrics, even Free wealthy dating they're not always easy to understand. Treasure definitely has some proper lyrics, not sure if all of them are.

After that, no, she deliberately got vaguer for a while, apparently due to not having confidence in her own words, so she'd pick stuff out of old books -- a great example is the list of Latin butterfly names in Melonella. Then later on she went back to "proper" lyrics again, but I'd lost interest by that time I'm afraid, as their later stuff leaves Blackstone VA housewives personals a bit cold.

General Comment Definitely one of Cocteau Twins best. If you haven't listened to much of their stuff, you should.

They're Webcam sex Dover Delaware Much better than the homogenized crap on the radio. Artists - C. Rate These Lyrics. We do not have any tags for Persephone lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Cocteau Twins Lyrics. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

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