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Discussion in ' Stove Forum ' started by MattyFeb 5, Classic Camp Stoves.

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Hi all, I'd appreciate some help in dating a Coleman CQ that arrived at mia casa today bought it in France. I've looked through the Reference Gallery, but am a bit confused maybe this lamp was assembled from different donors? I hope to get this old Lady running again, and will post photo's.

Made in U. Seems like some founts had a hex nut in the middle? This one has no such. The generator is a straight one, is that correct?

The fount has to be pressurised with a separate pump which I don't have. Does the pump have a non-return valve in it, or is it "straight tru"? Best regards, Wim. WimJan 23, Wim, Are Ladies seeking sex Colchester Illinois any s stamped on the bottom of the fount?

I can tell you for sure that the pump is a straight-through device since the NRV is integrated into the pressurizing cap. A straight generator is "younger" that the looped Q Not to say that it wasn't the original, but Big dick man pics younger. Looking forward to seeing photos!

2 bed flat manchester AlJan 23, Hi Al, that's quick! No, there are no s on the fount, only text. The little I know about these makes me think it is an early one. Possibly the straight generator was a later replacement? Best regards, Wim I'll post photo's as soon Dating coleman lanterns I get her running.

I've replace fouled a Q99 with an R55 to get a lamp going, so it's possible it was fettled in the past. Can you get a pump locally? Hi Al, other than outdoor lanterns and stoves starting from the late 's Coleman products were not sold over here as far as I knowand for some Ladies looking hot sex WA Lakewood center 98498 indoor lighting was provided for by wickies, citygas or electrickerty.

So, no pumps to be found locally! Only way to get these is buying internationally I have been thinking of maybe adapting an ordinary bicycle pump or would that be considered sacrilege? Hi Wim: Nice find.

Is it nickel over brass or all brass as many early French Colemans were? Hi Mike, it is brass with a layer of clear lacquer. Over all in reasonably good condition, some scratches in the lacquer I don't really mind, it is old and has seen some 'action' in its life. Only problem will be finding the "glassworks" I guess ed: Sep 10, Messages: 6, Location: Hertfordshire. Coleman were sold in France from about onwards. We really need to see a picture of this lamp because by there were two different tanks being used with a Thick mixed women of burner types and some have the "wong" base plate telling you that your Instant-Lite Coleman is a Quick-Lite and vice versa.

By that time they are all dated so if your lamp has a stamped base plate then there will be date s. These are often faint and can be hard to find but they are there. Restoration is simple with these.

There are virtually no moving parts so all they need is a clean and maybe some attention to the generator. There is only one seal that might need a fettle in the valve spindle but often all that needs is a slight tweak to tighten Naughty wife want nsa Chambersburg gland.

The filler cap seal is lead and will work if you just pull it down tight with a wrench. The pump is simple enough. MackburnerJan 23, Hi Neil, thanks for this info, I'll try to make some photo's tomorrow and have a very Hitech motors tulsa look at the fount's bottom.

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I do know the Belgian army Asian man white woman sex video A's and 3-burner cabin stoves in their bunkers in the late 's but that seems to be it. Other than these, I've never heard of pre war Coleman goods in our little kingdom. Hello Wim, the pumps turn up on USA. You have choices on what to use for globes and shades.

There have been mica globes out there, but I don't know of any Sexy white hair the market right now. Otherwise, just get a reproduction glass shade and enjoy!

The nib on the tip of the pump is shaped to make a gas tight connection to the fitting on the fount. You could drill and tap the fitting to accept a bicycle valve fitting Neighbor AlJan 24, Ah you don't need to drill and tap. If you dismantle a Primus pump check valve you will find the end thread of the body fits the Coleman filler cap Real women of Salinas in the nude valve thread.

You just weld a Shrader valve to the Primus part and you have an adaptor for a cycle pump.

Been working for me for maybe 20 years. MackburnerJan 25, Jersey girl online free Neil! I regret that I don't have access to part that you do over there.

That sounds like a delightfully easy solution.

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Neighbor AlIndian interracial sex stories 25, Sure you do. Plenty of them in Europe and I dare say like most folks I have a few lurking in the parts boxes. Anyway this is what it looks like.

As promised, a few photo's. I would like to add, the 'vertical toppart' of the burner has an "F" on it, doesn't mean a thing to me, might tell you something!!! WimJan 25, Very clever how you My jobs your budgie to perch on top of it for the photograph David ShouksmithJan 25, He's well trained!!!

Interesting picture.

I don't think this is your average ordinary CQ. They are always polished nickel plated. Problem here is we actually don't know which is which but I do know they are pretty rare beasts so don't clean that tank any more than you have to. Wim, did you buy the lamp on, er, 'hire purchase'.?

David ShouksmithJan 26, Last edited by a moderator: Mar 31, WimJan 26, Ethiopia sxe video Offline ed: Nov 25, Messages: 3. Nice one Wim! Hope you get it in working condition.

They're indeed very rare in Belgium. And so the collection grows and grows and TracerJan 26, Show Ignored Content.

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