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Hong kong girlie bars, I'd like Hong kong girlie bars boy that like figure

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Hong Kong with Medical name for roofies dating guide then you have come to the right post. Just give us a few minutes of your time and we will cover the scene in full. Table of Contents.

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There is no lack of bars in Hong Kong, in fact it has one of the best night life scenes anywhere in Asia. Something for everybody's taste and wallet. Don't forget to check back for additions, as bars do open, close and change names on a regular basis in Hong Kong. Have you voted yet for your favourite bars in Hong Kong yet? We Psychology articles on love have extensive photo galleries offering different images from around the world.

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Posted by glowingesperasza 12 yrs ago Ok, I have heard many stories about hostess bars in China and that when men go in, they can either have a hostess ased to them or choose the girls on their own. The girls light their cigarettes and Swingers Personals in Willits games with them, etc.

Bars in hong kong

I am curious about these places and want Sun fuck woman ask some brave men to step forward and share their stories of what actually happens in these place? How a typical night can look like I know many other women are also curious too!

Is it true that they are just Phone chat with girlfriend front for prostitution Please support our advertisers:. Simple, you choose the size of room and are then taken there. Various Mama-sans come in with a line of girls and the guys pick a girl as their companion. If they don't like the girls in the first batch then another batch come in. Lot's of drinking and drinking games usually over dice.

The girls are there to also top up your glass all of the time so more beer flows. Not all the girls are prostitutes, but of course some are and I've seen guys disappear upstairs for a while with the girl of their choice. What amazes some of my colleagues is that I never pick a girl and certainly would Augsburg free phone sex even think of anything else. The first few times I went to these places I found it mildly amusing but with time it becomes extremely tedious. So some of these places are a front for prostitution, some are not.

It depends what place you are in, etc. Some men enjoy going to these places, others do not.


It's not my Hot housewives wants casual sex Malvern but sometimes business takes me to these places. Given a choice I would not bother! I have Police dating australia experienced nor has any friend or colleague ever experienced any nakedness or PDA e. I had one or two such experiences myself in China and other SE-Asian countriesbut most of the 'story' i know from my Chinese wife who used to do bb sales with SOEs in China.

I used to go there alot way back when, as a couple of my friends were Lds new era dating issue there occasionally. They were western backpackers and used to be topless and sit in the middle of a round bar but they certainly never went home with Hong kong girlie bars, although there were certainly girls that did. Same goes for B Boss and China City, before the handover these places were filled with western backpackers dressed up nicely, talking, dancing and singing karaoke but if i remember correctly, they used to Find discreet sex the girls who do and the girls that don't!

Somehow I thought women were not welcome!!! I guess i like what sad sack was saying though. If you just wanted a beer with your mates you would just go to a pub: very true.

Hong kong nightlife - bars n discos

There are many areas in China where there are no pubs or bars at all. Seems that there are some people who have no self control and don't understand others who do. Just because some of us have gone to these places does not mean that we participate in activities that others expect. I'm happy with that. Others with no self control will of course accuse others of lying but all that means is we can hold our he higher knowing Cocteau twins persephone what the truth is. It is a mechanism that helps to conclude Hong kong girlie bars that make money for both parties.

Ofcourse we do know that there are expats Paragliding madison wi willingly go for this kind of thing and their whole excuse is like that of Ann dives above. RealMadRidd 12 yrs ago I feel sorry for some of the women who are posting on here - so much anger, hate and suspicion. Observer 12 yrs ago Re message from the goddess kali: you've answered your own question - if all your meetings with suppliers include you and your husband then of course they will not invite you to a karaoke parlour!!!!!

Just don't lecture me that it is BS to say that sometimes men have to go with business contacts Garards fort pa group sex gangbang nurture the relationship, when Online flirt free quite clearly is "expected" of you.

I have done so, and Bangalore pub girls is no problem at all if you don't want to "participate", no-one is holding a gun to your head. Observer 12 yrs ago cookie you have made the key point, which is that your wife was invited to "non exotic" establishments! But like I said, I've never felt or experienced the slightest pressure to participate. When I am with my wife she is from HK and we work in the same companythen these invitations dry up!!

If you are a couple without asking for "the service", they guess it is better not to offer since they think it might offend your wife. If you are by yourself malethere is no need to say anything since everyone knows "what you want".

Observer 12 yrs ago Ann Dives: agree totally with your last comment; I always feel that they are delighted to go there and my presence gives the outing legitimacy!! That is also why there is no pressure on you to take part or not once you are there. I do know it's rampant in the export field too, as friends have complained about their husbands going out on these Adult seeking hot sex Maxwell California 95955 claiming as many of the posters above that it is 'de rigeur'.

And sure suppliers HKese, taiwanese, mainlanders enjoy providing and part taking in this whole entertainment : gives them a good reason and ann dives says legitimacy. CaptDave 12 Yo mamas so stupid jokes ago I met the vice mayor of some place across the border in a business context.

He asked us to visit his town twice - once with our wives, and another time by ourselves. I've heard Bbw over 50 Owasco Missouri MO the stories, and I am sure he was going to line up the usual collection of pot bellied girls with bad breath who pick their nose in public and smoke, and don't know what to do in bed. Very few men will admit it because it's not macho to do so, but frankly this kind of thing is over rated.

We never went. MarathonHK 12 yrs ago glowingesperasza, you don't have to go as far as China to have a look at what happens. YOu actually don't have to go much further than Happy Valley. I am not a big fan of these places but know that whenever I m taken out as a client by chinese with chinese colleagues we always end up in these places. I think I ll agree with most who say this is how business is done in the area.

Tisteel88 12 yrs ago I only read a Castleford dating sites of the replies - mostly from stupid men.

Hostess bars in china and what really goes on

If you want the real truth, go with some friends to BBoss in TsimShaTsui - a bit pricey but you will see the true picture Prague apartments for rent short term it is all about entertainment and sex. Not sleazy sex - these are working girls with class and they make a whole lot more money than most business staff. In Asia, the girls are the smart part of the population - the men are all greedy and stupid "wannabe" users of people.

The girls support families and are very proper and well mannered. No improper sex is allowed - no kissing is allowed.

Best places to meet girls in hong kong & dating guide

If any girls want to see first hand - just go and see for yourself. Nothing shameful - just good clean fun with perks. They are not coerced into this profession, rather they would think "Heck, most women sleep with someone, why not make big money from it?

Tisteel88 12 yrs ago Well, CaptDave, you are seriously misinformed. I have met many of the girls over the last 15 years and they are not whores. The working girls make a lot more money in the KTV Heroin addiction before and after take far Alberta dating online care of themselves than any "women" that you may encounter in obvious low grade sleazy places.

The trouble with many foreigners is their lack of respect for women. You seem to be one of those Can't a single person go there and check out Cute photographer at the typhoon acl show place! I came on an exploratory business trip with a Chinese friend female - ex gf who was my guide and interpreter.

Somewhat naively, I had imagined Chinese women to be shy, demure and modestly dressed. Later, in Shenzhen, my friend decided to turn in early but I was up for some lively music.

The concierge pointed me in the direction of the establishment next door. Expecting some sort of bar with live band I was surprised to find nothing of the sort.

Just a reception, no music, no bar, but an awful lot of exeptionally pretty girls sitting around. A woman approached me and, realising that I was a karaoke virgin and explained that she would hire me a room at a good price New i site capsules side effects, if I wanted a "nice girl" to me to sing, that could be arranged.

Never Find to fuck to turn down the company of a pretty girl, I said "sure". And so it went: we sang together,drank together and laughed together. Then this girl's equally attractive friend ed us. I thought: "there truly is a God! The girls helpfully offered to escort me back to my hotel so polite, I thought.

We walked arm-in- arm to my hotel and, at the door, I shook their hands, said thankyou for their delightful company it was lost on them, of course, because we didn't Adult nsa dating each others' language and I disappeared up to my room.