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Name: Mommy
What is my age: 34

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Dawn makes her own blue cheese dressing 3.

Dawn wants to pay to go on a vacation to a 3rd world country and work twelve hours per day helping people 4. Dawn eats soy, wheat waffles, and Date mate app ham 5.

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Dawn likes playing uno on weekend nights 6. Dawn likes to do marathons 8. Dawn gives away used purses 9. Dawn thinks strip clubs are bad Dawn thinks old people are cute and actually wants to talk to them. Dawn likes to hike Dawn she prays… and has a prayer list Dawn likes to read Dawn knows the name of the Olsen twins publicist Dawn shops at natural food stores Dawn mini-containers used to size out portions of condiments Dawn Nice submissive for dominent woman her food Dawn thinks cream cheese and salsa is a party food.

Dawn wants to be able to someday send money secretly to needy strangers.

Dawn subscribes to food magazines… and re them in her spare time. She actually thinks this is a list of fun things Dawn drinks filtered water Dawn talks to Free sex dating aylesbury people at the grocery store Dawn parks as far away from store entrances as possible in order to get more exercise. Dawn calls the cops to report road hazards. Dawn defends handicapped people Dawn compares and contrasts local city dumps.

Dawn counts her starch servings. Dawn is asking for a vacuum cleaner for Christmas this year. Dawn enjoys, appreciates and wears homemade clothing. Dawn smells, but does not eat chocolate cake.

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Dawn cheers… out loud… when she sees strangers exercising. Dawn enthusiastically Bdsm sex stories making your own tortilla chips at home… from scratch… instead of buying them at the store like a normal person. For her birthday, Dawn asked for… and got… a personal trainer as her birthday present.

Dawn enjoys counting the ribs on skinny women she sees in Playboy magazine. Dawn reorganizes grocery store freezers to make it easier for people to reach stuff. Dawn takes the cheese off pizza before she eats it. Dawn cheers for local people in news stories just because they are local. Dawn prays for verbally abusive people Men seeking men in atlanta ga amusement parks to be less abusive.

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Dawn gets cardiovascular tests done on her. Dawn thinks the Jenny McCarthy book about being pregnant is funny… and she knows the exact title of the book. Dawn taped the Academy Awards.

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Dawn evaluates video games for Ladies seeking sex Mannington West Virginia cultural sensitivity. Dawn thinks Willard Scott is cool. Dawn knows that the length of that toe next to your big toe determines your I. Dawn thinks that eating white bread is just like eating a doughnut.

Dawn re cereal boxes… and thinks that everybody else does too.

Dawn gets turned on watching her husband fish. Dawn puts band aids on lip cuts.

Dawn feels guilty about throwing food away. Dawn is planning on TiVo-ing the Popes funeral. Dawn refuses to let grocery store employees carry her groceries out to her car because she likes the exercise. Dawn actually tells this to grocery store employees when they offer help. Dawn loves Apartment rentals ontario ca. Dawn likes chi tea with vanilla soy milk.

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Dawn enjoys watching voice over shows done by foreigners meant Latest dating sites in usa broadcast in foreign countries. Dawn brags that she saved change once. What about Sophia?? Dawn thinks living on a farm would be fun. Dawn encourages 6-week-old babies to do calf exercises. Dawn knows people who have been in roping accidents. Dawn thinks it would be fun to deliver food to needy pets.

Dawn cheers Romaine. Dawn is grossed out by cooked red meat.

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Dawn watches reruns of the MTV movie awards. Dawn knows that actress Alicia Silverstone sleeps with all of her dogs.

Dawn loves Petaluma. Dawn knows and watches the Outdoor Life Network. Dawn can visibly tell the difference between a Power Bar and a Balance Bar… even when the Looking for fun erious people only is off. Dawn will make her children volunteer for retards and has mentioned this on the air. Dawn plays calendar games using her knuckles. Dawn envies bargain shoppers who buy crap. Dawn brags about having a rice maker.

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Dawn wants a central vacuum for her house. Dawn keeps Looking for that click feeling of how often Rob takes baths. Dawn archives her blood test and re them for fun. Dawn cleans out the shredder bin from the paper shredder Arnie steals every day for listener mail. The reason why? Dawn looks forward to going to boot camp to lose weight. Dawn schedules heart scans for herself… and gets excited about it. Dawn knows that paper eating is a disease.

Dawn puts health disclaimers when she posts pictures of food on her photo s. Dawn wants to buy locks for her toilets to keep creatures from crawling in through the plumbing. Dawn gets off on the sound of diesel trucks. Dawn goes out to eat and orders cereal. Dawn openly comments on how great her boobs, arms and hands are. Dawn loves the smell of fish. Dawn wishes they made diet wine. Description for a dating site claims she can smell grease.

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Dawn is an expert on ulcers.